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Mark HarrisMidwife, NLP Trainer, Public Speaker

Mark Harris

I work as a Midwife offering birth education through the Birthing4Blokes programme (@Birthing4Blokes), I am the writer of the award winning book: Men, Love and BirthI love being around people, always have as long as I can remember; having five sisters and three brothers afforded me plenty of practice and now with 6 children of my own and 9 grand children I have lots of opportunity to indulge my people passion.The choices I have made in my professional life have been shaped by this gregarious inclination.I have trained and worked as a Nurse, Midwife, Teacher in Further Education, hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, out reach youth worker.

Working as a therapist alongside my work as a midwife has taught me the importance of the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves about our lives.The work we are doing through MAM Learning is done in the hope that it will enhance the lives of women and their families the world over, through giving birth professionals the tools they need to do their job well.

Contact Details:e-mail: mark [at]Birthing4blokes.comphone: 07725 894452


Ruth Olayinka BA Hons, NLP Prac, D Hyp, GQHP, GHR Reg.

Ruth’s interest in hypnotherapy was first piqued in 2011 when she completed her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner training. At around the same time, she also made some deeply profound personal life changes using NLP & Hypnosis, and it was this specific experience which inspired her to master these techniques further.  She pushed forward in her training goals and achieved her Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Diplomas in 2012.  More recently, she has also undertaken EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMI (Eye Movement Integration) and Hypnobirthing Practitioner training to further inform her work.

Ruth specialises in supporting fertility and working with families throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. However, she also enjoys the variety involved in working with a broad range of issues for which Hypnosis has been proved to be effective.  She works intuitively, responding to her clients’ internal landscape, combining her therapeutic skills and utilising her background in theatre and the arts as a major influence.  Storytelling, improvisation & creativity, she has discovered, are all valuable skills in any hypnotherapists toolbox, and are essential for her to help her clients to make significant shifts.

You can discover more about Ruth’s work & contact her by visiting www.rutholayinka.com


Ellie Cook – NLP Birthing Practitioner / NLP trainer / Doula

Ellie is one of the UK’s first NLP Birthing Practitioners. Completing her certification in 2018, she is working towards her Master Practioner qualification in 2019. Ellie came to the 3 step rewind through a passion for supporting families suffering trauma after a debilitating or complicated pregnancy, and was inspired by the far reaching positive changes achieved by the clients who have gone through the process.
Ellie works as a birth and postnatal doula specialising in supporting vulnerable women through a multi-agency project in Cambridge. The NLP model has been transformative for her practice in providing emotional support for families in the childbearing year, in both one to one, and in a group setting.
Ellie is a volunteer peer supporter for the charity pregnancy sickness support and provides one to one coaching for families preparing for birth.


Kat and Gill – Trained NLP Master Practitioners

Kat and Gill both have backgrounds in the perinatal world, supporting parents and families from birth to beyond in a variety of ways such as antenatal education,mindfulness and more. Both have educational backgrounds with Gill more focused in the Early Years and Kat with older students, which also includes SEN students. Both live in the South West and work together delivering training courses.