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A gentle way to lift traumatic feelings after a difficult birth

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Would you love to bring relief to parents who feel traumatised after a difficult birth experience?

Although people who meet the formal diagnostic criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to their birth is only about 5%, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more who experience signs of trauma which are distressing and significantly affecting their lives and their transition into parenthood.

If you work with people around the time of birth, you will know that sometimes, births leave people emotionally scarred. Signs of the suffering can include panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, anger and irritability, numbness, tearfulness, avoidance of all reminders of the trauma, problems in relationships, feelings of failure and more.

A fear of birth can present itself during pregnancy. A difficult breastfeeding experience may lead to suffering too. Fathers or other people in the birthing room can also be affected.


Approximately 30% of all parents in the UK will describe their birth as traumatic

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This Course is for you if...

Birth Professional

You are a birth professional already working with parents through the perinatal life stage


You feel frustrated, sad and powerless in helping those you see are clearly in distressed and struggling to cope after an experience considered traumatic


You are concerned that your current debrief skills or practice is re-traumatising or ineffective


You would love to be able to do more to serve parents and to see them begin to thrive as families