What is the BA 3 Process?

The 3 Step Rewind Method is a gentle and safe way of working with parents and other birth professionals to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth, post natal or breast feeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma.

It is easy to learn and naturally activates a person's own ability to heal themselves. The simple but effective steps move someone through their past traumatic experience, through to understanding it's current impact on their day to day life, before looking ahead to a future that they desire.

Core Skills Covered:
  • Building trust and rapport rapidly
  • Effective open listening skills
  • Working safely without hearing your clients story
  • Using outcome focused questions to promote self healing
  • Relaxation and guided visualisation
  • The Birthing Awareness 3 Step Process

The Scale of the problem...

The scale of the problem is too great for mental health professionals alone to handle. Currently many parents are deterred from seeking help via traditional mental health pathways because of the stigma attached to mental health and the perception that it will take many sessions and commitment to feel well. We are passionate that it should be those who already have existing relationships with parents who should have the skills necessary to lift the symptoms of a traumatic birth. They are best placed to help parents on their own healing journey.

What's included for all course attendees?

  • A 2-day workshop that covers A thorough understanding of how memory is held as traumatic and how guiding a client through the 3 step process may workin
  • Invitation to a closed Facebook group of attendees and practitioners where ongoing peer support is provided, success stories shared and questions are answered
  • Listing on our practitioners page

Course Results

Time and again I hear back from delighted practitioners, who are discovering the joy of being able to really support people moving on from a difficult birth.

Adding the 3 step rewind method to your skill set will result in you being able to dramatically increase your influence when supporting people move on from a previous difficult birth.

My courses for professionals fill up quickly and the demand is increasing. I keep the student groups small (4 per cohort), to be sure that your learning and skill acquisition may be as deep as possible.


What are they saying about our BA 3-step training

As a childbirth educator seeing the alarming increase of birth trauma, I realised I needed to be able to offer women effective support for this potentially debilitating condition. Over the last few years I’ve trained in various approaches to birth trauma, but none of the trainings left me feeling I could adequately offer a solution. However, having recently taken Mark’s training, I feel optimistic that his approach works, and that I can offer this process with confidence.

I found the training a really enjoyable experience-Mark is a great teacher., with a vast amount of knowledge. I felt very comfortable and at ease in his presence, which is always a good place to be learning from. Not only is the training effective, it’s extremely good value for money! If you’re looking for ways to support mums who’ve experienced trauma I would highly recommend this training.

Emily Guiver

Pregnancy Relaxation | Hypnobirthing Classes | Postnatal Support | Newborn Care Specialist

I’m always looking to broaden my training and add to my offerings for new parents and parents-to-be, alongside my current birth preparation services and newborn care, and so when I heard Mark was running a new course for the 3 step training, I booked straight away as this was something I’d been interested in doing for a while!  The training was super interesting, inspiring and informative.

The two days flew by and we learnt so much! Mark has a great talent for explaining things in an easy to understand but interesting way, while he shares his immense knowledge on how to help people to overcome their traumatic experiences. It felt such a privilege to be able to learn from him. 

Being able to offer this service to my clients is a really important addition to my provision and it’s been wonderful to help new parents to process, and overcome some very difficult feelings and experiences, and allow them to look forward to the arrival of their baby, or to move on and enjoy being new parents. I’m so glad I invested in this training - worth every penny, for both my continuing professional development, and my clients!

Laura Scarlett

Mark’s BA 3-step training was absolutely fascinating and gave me the skills and confidence I needed to guide clients through the process. The results of this simple, evidence-based technique have been powerful and even life-changing for some. Mark has so much knowledge and his generosity in sharing his expertise has extended far beyond the initial training. I highly recommend this course to anyone who works with postnatal women.

Karen Feltem


Amazing course hosted by a top quality trainer! Mark's wealth of experience and real life examples make the course engaging and easy to implement in your practise on completion.

Mark's ability to meet the needs of each individual whilst creating a supportive and successful group training environment is outstanding 

The only question you should ask yourself is how soon can you do it?