Emma Gleave

Doula, Autonomous birth keeper, Antenatal Teacher, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Baby-wearing Consultant, Birth Art Practitioner,

Hi I’m Emma, mum of 2 beautiful water babies.  I support families who are wanting to take responsibility for their own decisions in their births and as parents.

My birthing & birthwork journey set me off on a path of whole life rewilding, living off grid and all manner of traditional skills which connect us back to our instincts, the land, mother earth, finding our place in nature again, including connection to our birth, death and rebirth cycles.

I’ve trained with National Childbirth Trust, Birthing Awareness, Spinning Babies, Da-a-luz Oasis, Red Tent Doulas and Birthing From Within, and many more I’m still learning all the time from the families I serve and other wise women ❤ 

My best skills are in helping you to connect with and access your own intuition and amazing power for birth, parenting, healing and beyond - everything you need is within you.  This is your process – you are the expert in your body and baby.  My most important role is to support your decisions and preferences, being a calming presence – someone who is here just for you. 

I’ve supported natural cesarean birth and other complicated cases as well as lots of experience with straightforward homebirth and freebirth.

Also I teach pregnancy yoga, and antenatal preparation, couples birth prep and massage techniques for birth.

Postnatal support, breastfeeding support, baby-wearing, sling lending service, cooking and general home help.

Placenta magic including encapsulation,  placenta prints, placenta tinctures and Lotus birth.

I live off-grid in my van, part of the year at Da-a-luz Oasis, a post-modern midwifery / autonomous birthkeeper school and midwife community. (In the truest meaning of the word: With-Woman) Something that is being lost in our medical models of so called ‘care’ 

From March-September I am based in the UK around Glastonbury/ Forest of Dean / Manchester and can be in any area where I am needed on-call.
Emma Gleave