The Goal Setting Trap

In the past at this time of year I have tended to get caught in something of a ‘goal setting’ trap. You know, that sense of frantic, simmering panic that if I don’t do something different things will be the same? Well, that way of thinking definately makes sense right? Doing the same things and expecting different results […]

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I am an expert (and so are you)

Sitting here now, reflecting, I ‘know’ something for sure, I have complete confidence in the absolute integrity of my own experience. That’s really the beginning and ending of all that I offer others through my writing and work…..but I notice something else, which creates enormous power for me….when it comes to my opinions on stuff, doesn’t […]

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The key ingredient to change

I have over the years begun to see a pattern when it comes to how I learn new things, and here’s what I have observed; I first ask myself what is this new subject, skill, knowledge etc similar too, what do I know already that it is like? We as human beings have been evolving […]

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