MAM 3 Step Rewind Training – A Curiously Perfect Way to Approach an Essential Course

This blog comes from Ruth Olayinka, she's one of our wonderful students and shares her experience of the MAM 3 Step Rewind Training with Mark Harris. 

“Mummy, Mummy... can I go on Minecraft, please... just for a little while.... pleeease... I really want to try out this new thing I’ve just learnt... please mummy, please, please PLEEEEEASE!”

My friends 7 year old daughter had suddenly and energetically burst into the kitchen with a desperate request for permission.

Once again, as happens so frequently with mums who have conversations over coffee, our topic of conversation had been interrupted, but this time not with a whinge or a whine of ‘I’m bored’, nor were there any echoes of a child craving a dopamine rush from engaging in a favourite mindless addiction. 

Nope, this was a different energy. She exuded a refreshing, unbounded excitement.  Why?  Because she had just discovered something new and her curiosity was urging her to try it out against the background of all her existing Minecraft knowledge NOW!

I totally got it.  Her pure excitement catapulted me back to about the same age, on a journey in the back of a car, brand new doll inspected carefully & cradled preciously in my hands.  This journey cannot be over quickly enough, for in my mind I have already scrambled the patterned carpet staircase on all fours, burst into my room, laid out my other toys  and begun a new story with old characters, and this new doll - introducing new possibilities and perspectives.

But I am still in the car, and this is all in my imagination of a near future, and I simply CAN NOT WAIT!  I recognised this 7 year old energy, unbounded excitement & curiosity.

Mum simply could not refuse such an energy and enthusiasm,  and so Minecraft permission was duly granted.

In a split second, however, I realised I had accessed a similar state from my childhood, but this particular event had really got me thinking.  Do I still feel this way in as an adult?  Am I still this excited about trying out, embedding and testing my new learning? 

And if so, when?

As a director, driving to a rehearsal ready to present a newly scribed script to a cast... a student of NLP & hypnotherapy, enthusiastically enlisting my friends as willing participants to allow me to practise newly discovered processes and embed these within my current and growing knowledge base.

But the most beautiful realisation for me is this... that learning does not happen in pure isolation – we integrate it, connect it and allow new learnings to, in whatever way, begin to transform all of our current experience, knowledge & practise.  For me, this is where the magic truly occurs.

I was on a course recently that focussed on REM sleep states and how these can be beneficially harnessed & utilised in hypnotherapy.  I learnt that, every night, our first REM sleep phase is embedding our new learning from the day.  However, subsequent REM sleep states then begin to work on connecting this to all our current knowledge, resources and experience.  We are literally transforming our understandings every single night – how amazingly powerful the unconscious mind is.

And even though I already had a good understanding of the MAM 3 Step-rewind as someone who had been using one of its related NLP models (the Fast Phobia Cure) for years, I knew that by completing the MAM Learning training, that I would be able to massively inform and transform my understanding and effectiveness of my current practise. 

My expectations were fully met and then exceeded more and my learning in this area has since exploded!

Now, if you’ve ever seen any of Mark Harris’s lives on Facebook, you’ve already noticed that he literally brims with pure enthusiasm and passion around how NLP and the Rewind Process can transform maternity & post-natal care. 

Additionally Mark is, without doubt, a natural storyteller – and who doesn’t enjoy a good story?  During training he effortlessly frames concepts and ideas through his captivating descriptions... it’s so engaging it doesn’t even feel like learning.  But Mark is a clever bloke – he’s not just spinning a yarn because he likes to talk; it might be a few hours later over lunch, or as you relax that evening, or even on the second day of training that you realise his stories were purposefully well placed and meant that you were able to search & connect your own current knowledge & experience with a new concept relevant to your new understanding of the 3 Step Rewind Process.

Marks passion for the efficacy and potential transformative effects of the rewind process are infectious.  Attending this training, even with a vast amount of prior knowledge, has been a massive catalyst of discovery and new perspectives for me.  I feel my learning renewed, joyfully testing new possibilities and, as I pressed the send icon on my 2 case studies attached to an email to Mark last night, I sensed a rush of excitement – an excitement at the idea of a childlike curiosity, new possibilities of a continued learning journey.

As an adult, it really is okay to scrambled the patterned carpet staircase on all fours, burst into a room in your imagination, lay out your toys (your current resources) and begin a new story (your new connections) with old characters, and this new toy (your new learnings) - introducing new possibilities and perspectives with a pure sense of curiosity, excitement and joy! 

And, as someone whose recently been there, I guarantee that the MAM 3 Step Rewind Practitioner Training is a good next pace to capture this.

Guest Author: Ruth Olayinka

​BA Hons, NLP Prac, D Hyp, GQHP, GHR Reg.

Ruth’s interest in hypnotherapy was first piqued in 2011 when she completed her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner training. At around the same time, she also made some deeply profound personal life changes using NLP & Hypnosis, and it was this specific experience which inspired her to master these techniques further. She pushed forward in her training goals and achieved her Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Diplomas in 2012. More recently, she has also undertaken EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMI (Eye Movement Integration) and Hypnobirthing Practitioner training to further inform her work.

Ruth specialises in supporting fertility and working with families throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. However, she also enjoys the variety involved in working with a broad range of issues for which Hypnosis has been proved to be effective. She works intuitively, responding to her clients’ internal landscape, combining her therapeutic skills and utilising her background in theatre and the arts as a major influence. Storytelling, improvisation & creativity, she has discovered, are all valuable skills in any hypnotherapists toolbox, and are essential for her to help her clients to make significant shifts.

You can discover more about Ruth’s work & contact her by visiting