Angela Chamberlain

Birth Keeper, Former (award winning) Midwife, Educator, Holistic Therapist, Birth Awareness 3 Step Practitioner,

My name is Angela Chamberlain I am a award winning midwife, teacher, entrepreneur, mother and birth activist. 
I worked as a midwife for twelve years before leaving the NHS maternity system to practice autonomous care as a birth keeper. I prioritise empowering women by helping them make informed choices about their pregnancy and birth based on the latest research.
In my current role, I provide unwavering support to women throughout their pregnancy journey, tailoring my care to meet their unique circumstances. By incorporating the latest evidence-based practices into my support, I ensure that my clients receive the best possible care.
I recognise that every woman is different and take the time to understand their individual needs and preferences, providing personalised care that is centered around each woman’s goals. I am proud to now also be able to offer my clients the BA 3 Step process to help them manage any previous trauma.

I am also a guest lecturer at Birmingham City University and sit on the expert validation panel for the Midwifery Diploma Course. I have co-founded a training academy where we teach others to become birth keepers by keeping ancient birth knowledge and wisdom alive in this modern world. I am passionate about playing an active part in shaping the future of maternity care.
I was awarded ‘Best Midwife Award’ at the Who Cares Wins awards in 2021.
Angela Chamberlain