The Birthing Awareness Video Training

Let's Get Started

You have already completed the pre learning and submitted your written work to me. Well done. You have made a good start. You must have many questions. The first video asks you to stop and write down 10 questions that you have about the process before you start video 1. Please do that now and send them to me. 

Meaning Making Machines Day 1

In this video you will be exploring the fundamental principles of the Birthing Awareness 3 Step Process. As questions arise write them down. Accept nothing as the truth, test everything you hear in your own experience.

Meaning Making Machines Day 2

You will learn how use the skill of open listening and the scaling question. After watching you will understand the use of out-come focused questions. When you have completed the work you will be ready to practice the whole process with a fellow student.

Putting It All Together

Watch two students taking each other through the whole process. Pay attention to the use of the scaling question and the use of out-come focused questions. You will also witness the script being read in practice.

Consolidation Work

This is an hour long video designed to prepare you for your first case study client. You will need two if you plan to pursue accreditation.